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Ore Mining Drill Extension Rod / Tapered Drill Rod Hex22*108 , Length 1220mm

  • 1 Pcs

DHD3.5/QL30 Casing Advancement Systems , Casing Shoe Bit For Water Well Drilling

  • 1

NUMA 100 - 305mm Mining Drill Bits High Drilling Rate Compact Design

  • 1 Pcs

T38 Thread Symmetrix DTH Drilling System , Crown Drill Bits Casing 89mm

  • 3

Thread Button Bits T51-89mm Retrac body Semi-ballistic Carbide Design Drop

  • 5 Pcs

PD90 Hole Dia 38 - 89mm Well Drilling Tools HYD300 Rock Drill Excavator

  • 1

YN27J Hand Held Rock Drill Internal Combustion Rock Drill 27kg Weight

  • 1 Pcs

CRACKMAX Chemical Demolition Agents Stone Cracking Powder High Range Form

  • 26ton

CRACKMAX Professional Expansive Mortar Rock Cracking Agent Light Gray Color

  • 26ton

Side Type Demolition Accessories Hydraulic Demolition Hammer For Crawler

  • 1

ND 580 - 138mm Down Hole Hammer Bits Tungsten Carbide Material For Quarrying

  • 1

114mm Drill Extension Rod , DTH Drill Pipe For Connecting DTH Hammer And Button

  • 1 Pcs
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